The Greater

Your Inner Light

The brighter your outer world

Discover how tapping into the source of your Inner Light can heal your mind, body, and soul.



Kathy Orah

I believe your Inner Light is your internal guide to greater joy, peace & prosperity.

In my practice of psychotherapy, I utilize a whole person approach to help people deal effectively with life changes, whether they are trying to re-establish themselves in some aspect of their life or just redefining their life in a way that may provide new meaning.

I encourage people to look inside themselves for the wisdom and creativity to undertake whatever is important and meaningful personally or professionally. This approach can lighten the emotional impact of change by turning fear into acceptance and excitement.


My Services
& Therapies

Individual Therapies

One-on-one supportive counseling to help individuals work through their specific challenges, heal wounds, adjust to new situations, and become the person they want to be.

Somatic Therapy

Somatic Therapy helps treat post-traumatic stress and effects from other mental health conditions connecting mind and body during treatment.



Hypnosis is used to heal issues such as anxiety, depression, past and present trauma, and unhealthy habits. It is a state of deep relaxation where one feels free to experience the subconscious mind.

Popular Workshops

Join in one of my popular workshops such as the Cacao Ceremony,  Inner Child, Manifestation and more.


Eastern & Western Modalities

Where East meets West. Eastern Modalities such as Somatic Hypnotherapy, Energy Work, and Trauma Release and Western Modalities such as Integrative Psychotherapy, IFS, and EMDR treat many issues affecting people today.

Everyone Must Try

Changed My Life

Everyone must try out Kathy Orah’s Cacao Workshop! It literally changed my life. The experience helped me get into a state of deep meditation…


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Greater Awareness

Inner Child Meditation

I highly recommend Kathy Orah’s Inner Child Meditation to anyone seeking greater self-awareness, emotional healing, and a more joyful approach to life.


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Transformative Experience

See My Ideal Future

Attending Kathy Orah’s EE Systems combined with manifestation meditation workshop was a truly transformative experience for me.


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Deep Sense of Connection

Opened My Heart

Attending a Cacao Ceremony was a transformative experience. The ritualistic use of cacao created a deep sense of connection and opened my heart…


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A Greater Sense of Gratitude

Cacao Ceremony

The use of Kathy Orah’s Hypnosis techniques have helped me achieve a greater sense of gratitude in my life, allowing me to appreciate the present moment…


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& Balance

It simply means a positive state of mind characterized by equanimity, confidence, harmony, and contentment.
Learn how to find your Peace & Balance through meditation.

join me for one of my popular


I offer group workshops that facilitate personal growth through various modalities designed to free you from behaviors or past experiences that have been holding you back from living in joyful authenticity.

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